New website! New projects! New... well, everything.

Things are changing. I mean, things are always changing, but things have really started to change. One of those things is Lost Transmission. Still only in its youthful beginnings, the studio is now generating enough revenue through various bits and bobs that I have made the grand decision to go-it alone as it where. Drop the lecturing, and focus all of my time on writing, writing, some narrative designing, and then some more writing. 

That's why there is a new website. Something a little more tidy, a little easier to navigate and something that I will actually use. Welcome! I'll be rambling on about stuff here often.

There are a few other things in the works too. Most, if not all, are currently in the 'secrets' bank and are just not ready to escape into the big open world. Yet they have given me permission to hint at what's over the horizon. 

I have started work with a new client. The 'thing' we are working on is something very exciting, and something that I am hoping to talk a little bit about, or at least announce, very soon.

Gears are also grinding away in other areas of the psychosphere. There is something in the works; something small and tiny, but delicious and dark and exciting. Boiling and bubbling below the surface. It's not ready to taste yet, but it will be soon. More details to come soon. 

In more businessey news, I'll be jetting off to Gamescom in August to talk to people about businessey stuff. If you are going then maybe I'll see you there. and we can talk business. 

I quite fancy writing a post on what it's like to work from the home office and not commute to and from Manchester ever day. So keep an eye out for that - it might be dreadfully boring or I might turn it into some thrilling commuter adventure. Who knows? Certainly not me.